Extra judicial killing by policemen;Way forward


The media has been awashed recently due to the incessant and extra judicial killing of the men of the police force;it’s a tale of sadness and woes for the Johnson family,The death of this young man raises emotion and tongue wagging at the inefficiency and shortcoming of the Nigeria police.
Not quite long another unarmed citizen lost their lives to the cold hand of death by the men of Nigeria police on their way returning from club,The duo of a young man and his girlfriend,the former is presently struggling between lives and death while the latter died immediately on the spot.
Nonetheless, recently an actor;adediwura speak out of how he was harassed couple with a pregnant woman and was arraigned to kirikiri maximum prison,All these are numerous plight encounter by the citizen on daily basis.

However,In real sense the basic duties of these uniform men is to ensure the protection of lives and property of the citizen but the reverse is the case. Our police men has been the instruments of injustice and instability in the society, they had been a debacle and a log in the affair of the state and a magnitude of lawlessnes and violation of citizens right.

The menace of the Nigeria police men is increasing gradually day by day, however the contribution of patriotic citizen and civil right activist has gone a long way to ensure justice and fairness.
The effort of civil right activist such as (segalink, rugged man, deji adeyanju among others)including concerned citizen cannot be undermined,which all took to social media platform with various hashtag to propagate and aired across their opinion on this pressing issue. Nevertheless all these effort cannot be tainted and posterity will judge them well.

It’s important to commend the decision of NASS for the passage of police reform bill,No doubt the operational framework of the bill will last the test of time and it significant is soo apt.
In addition,there should be total overhaul of the police sector, imagine a case of a police officer smashing the phone of a citizen bearing that it’s too expensive, it’s an ill attitude and less expected from an officer,Furthermore most police are ignorant and less informed about the ethic of their job rather concerned about their pocket and extortion from the citizen.

Nigeria police

In inclusion, there should be change of orientation of police officer and proper handling of amunniton and weapon, Without uncertainty the government should provide sustainable funding of the sector, indeed finance is the bedrock of all activities and it will definitely boast the effectiveness and efficiency of their service.
It’s never too late to make Nigeria a safer climes for all and sundry, which our fundamental right is safeguarded and protected.
All lives count!!!!