Some Nigerians Yet To Learn From Civil War –Nigerian Government

Some Nigerians Yet To Learn From Civil War –Nigerian Government

The Nigerian Government has said that some citizens were yet to learn from the loss suffered during the civil war.

The government posited that some Nigerians were making the mistake of what led to the 1967 war.

In a statement by the Presidency on Wednesday, the government said the people must unite and forge common memory to free the country.

The statement reads, “As the nation commemorates 50 years of the end of the nation’s tragic civil war today, we remember victims of the conflict and honour those on both sides that lost their lives. Their tragedy shall be neither forgotten nor repeated.

“We remember the past to draw its lessons; on how we move forward together and live in peace. Unfortunately, there are some who fail to recognise them and instead repeat its mistakes, preaching inflammatory rhetoric meant only to divide. We call on all leaders and parties to moderate their language.

“There were no victors in this war. Yet in rejecting division and embracing unity, we ensure those lives lost were not in vain.”

The government also said that the war serves as a potent warning on the dangers of aggressive regionalism, ethnic baiting and political corruption, adding that “in it, we must forge common memory that can serve as a bridge to a future free from the ravages of sectarianism”.

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